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This tutorial will give you step-by-step directions which will explain how you can make copies of your PS2 games (and PS1 games) and off course how you can. i want to play some back up games on non chipped PS2, but i dont know how, i am noob for that so i want to ask you smart people how to do. How to Play Copied PS2 Games. Playing copied PlayStation 2 (PS2) games used to be impossible without installing a modchip. Modchips, which must be.

Wanting to get a PS2 and play some old games but wondering what the best way to play backup games would be. Slim or phat, either is fine. 1 Dec How to softmod a PS2 and use OPL to load backup copies of your games preventing wear on the optical drive. 6 Feb How do I soft mod my PS2 to play backups? Got one given to me for free so I wanted to put it to some kind of use. Thanks for any info to help.

Okay, these are some methods to backup PS2 titles and Xbox titles, in order to play a backup you need a modchip of some sort, I have also included a tutorial on. 19 Apr Hi Guys Thanks I knew this was the place to ask the question since the kids soft wii is doing a great job. My son found my old ps2 - a old grey. 16 Apr what exactly is the best way to run backups on a slim PS2 with Free OPL has USB support, and it works with most of the games I threw at it. Sony Playstation 2: Burning & Backup. The Best Way to Burn PS2 Games This is easy as , This Tutorial will help you burn you game so they work right. 19 Mar 1 What Modchip version are you using? M7-MP 2 Is your PS2 console soft modded FMCB or using a Modchip? using a modchip 3 What.

First, does the software support PS2 games, and second, can the software In order for your PS2 system to play legal backup copies, it must be modified to. 7 Jun I know I can't play backups on a PS2, but when I get another PS2, I intend to dump the PS2 games are probably the easiest to backup of all. 24 Jan Backup! With the PS2 ageing rapidly, now is a good time to ensure you have backed up your beloved games library, and you can find out how. 9 Nov There's a guy at my work who is the biggest computer nerd ever, can play backed up ps2 games without a mod chip or a bootdisc.. How is this.

26 Mar I know about verbatim - r for the ps2. psx games - memorex - r? or is there something better? I know that memorex dvds supposedly suck, and. 20 Jan Following his PS2 emulation research and recent write-up, PlayStation 4 developer @flatz unveiled screenshots on Twitter of some PS2 game. 31 Mar Computer owners aren't the only ones who are able to make backups of their favorite games anymore. Ever since the advent of DVD burners. (Only Some PS2 DVD Game Discs are protected by CSS. if your disc does not have this protection, skip to Step 2). Step 1. Alcohol % doesn't support DeCSS.


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