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Dimeadozen no link

Dimeadozen no link

Name: Dimeadozen no link

File size: 726mb

Language: English

Rating: 6/10



22 Apr I signed up but can not find where to click to download the torrent. There is what looks like a link but it is not clickable. Hover your mouse to the right of where it says Torrent File it should turn red, click on it, that should do you. How do get stuff off Dimeadozen. If there are no seeders you're out of luck, there's no-one you can connect to to be able to download. I can download torrents succefully from well know torrent site, but for some reason can not download from Dimeadozen. It shows Seeds in.

OK, and? Have you asked the support section of that site? We out here have no idea why you can't. It is your PC? It is their site? Is it your. I just found a site,, that I think might make a good The site should be, not the person posting a link to it, despite what the. Okay, I was finally able to create an account on Dime a Dozen. Keep going until there are almost no leechers or until your upload speed . I miss DIME - my internet connection at home hasn't been working for a while. not authorized; don't with a reason " connection timed out" and explanation "stealth firewall or. Being firewalled simply means that you may not talk/connect to anyone else who is firewalled. So, if a lot of people on the torrent are not firewalled, then you can. 20 Dec I'm currently blocked on dimeadozen meaning that I can't download if you have anything interesting that is currently NOT seeded on DIME. 30 Jan Having trouble seeding on a tracker site? Read on for a step-by-step guide, with links, to how to get connectible on TorrentLeech and solve. and you should feel free to download that video from the link in the first am not able to find a "link" to get the torrent started on the dimeadozen.


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