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Evanescent existence

Evanescent existence

Name: Evanescent existence

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21 Apr Len'en Mugenri (Connecting Chain of the Unreal Village) ~ Evanescent Existence (連縁无現里 ~ Evanescent Existence) is a vertical-scrolling danmaku shoot 'em up and the first game of the Len'en Project. In the title, "Mugenri (无現里)" is the name of the world that is the. 25 Oct This is the English transcript of Evanescent Existence. 29 Jun Len'en Mugenri ~ Evanescent Existence (鏈縁 无現里 〜 Evanescent Existence, lit. "Connecting Chain of the Unreal Land") is the first game in.

Len'en Mugenri ~ Evanescent Existence (鏈縁 旡現里 〜 Evanescent Existence, lit. "Connecting Chain of") is the first game in the Len'en series made by JynX. Enemy Characters. Stage 1 midboss and Boss. Kurohebi (Strong-Willed Shadow ). Stage 2 midboss/Boss. Aoji Shitodo (Weak-Willed Youngest Child). Stage 3A. A page for describing Characters: Len En Evanescent Existence. Top Index | Main Characters | EE | EMS | RMI | BPoHC This page is for the characters of .

15 Mar One possible reason for Evanescent Existence and Earthen Miraculous Sword sharing data is that they were developed and released. Absurdly Extra Mode is an unlockable difficulty for Extra that you unlock after 1cc' ing Unreal Mode, the hardest difficulty in the game. Evanescent Existence is the. Len'en Mugenri ~ Evanescent Existence. Main Screen. View Screenshot. The first installment of the vertical-scrolling shmup Len'en series by Trick Nostalgie. This folder is for submissions of characters who debuted in the first Len'en game, Evanescent Existence. These characters include Kurohebi, Aoji Shitodo. The Evanescent Existence of Mugenri is a colossal, safe nation, ruled by Tsurubami Senri with an iron fist, and renowned for its state-planned economy.


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